Jackie creates fine porcelain and melted glass bowls


Professional ceramic artist Jackie Giron draws inspiration from the environment around her, landscapes, geological strata, the movement, light and luminosity of the sea are all elements that influence and stimulate her work.

She translates these ideas into fine, hand-thrown stoneware and porcelain bowls, each piece being entirely hand-made, individual and unique.  Jackie places emphasis on achieving a fine delicacy in her ceramic work, a feature that brings a translucent quality to the porcelain. This effect is then completed by the addition of layers of hand-poured unique glazes in a blend of stunning earthy and vibrant colours that complement each other adding to the multidimensional effect, often with a centre of melted glass so that the bowls resemble rock pools. Her smaller bowls have been described as ‘little jewels’ due to the glistening luminous effect that this process creates.

Jackie lives near Brockenhurst in the New Forest, Hampshire and has been a potter for over 25 years, working at her current studio at ArtSway for the past 15 years. She has exhibited all over the country and sells her work through selected galleries in the south of England, prices range from £20 to £200. She is always happy to accept enquiries for sales and commissions.






Ceramic artist Jackie throwing a pot

Jackie at her studio throwing one of her unique porcelain bowls